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Tug tug

Panic tugs like the picture perfect agility border collie. I honestly DID work really hard on this, he wouldn't touch toys when I got him. End of this video shows Kes playing how we normally do, which is basically her attacking my arms. Maybe one day I will regret this game but I kind of love it.

Kes doesn't TUG, but we have a lot of fun and she loves to take the toy and run laps around. Need to work on that retrieve now I guess...


Ok I will admit i have watched this over 5 times. How cute is she when comes in with the toy to you hand?? With her little pointy head all grrr grrr. Dah. She is such a sprite.

Sprite is the perfect description! So

Much adorable.

You are adorable too, I love your smile they bring out of you!!!

You all seem to be having so much fun.

I would call what Kes is doing tugging, not the same as Panic, but still tugging.
Right, she does tug, but she doesn't TUG! ;)

I'm with Penny, watched these 5 times. Kes killed me with cute. What a lovely dog! And panic is a fierce tugger.